Information consumers want, when they want it and where they want it

A beacon is a small hardware device that transmits a Bluetooth signal at regular intervals. The two most common protocols that beacons use are Apple's iBeacon and Google's Eddystone which allows notifications to be pushed to any iPhones and Android device. Like a lighthouse is to a sailor, beacons are to consumers. Based on their proximity customers, show attendees, event guests get messages and/or interact with vendors and products based on their location. 

"Beacons offer new ways to reach out to customers, engage with them, drive sales and interaction delivering the content consumers want, 
when and where they want it."

-Chip Hysler, Founder, Creative Marketing Solutions

Beacons for Events

Bluetooth beacons are the way to go when it comes to getting bang for your event tech buck. The location-based devices can track attendee activity, activate experiences automatically through proximity and dispense content at key moments by transmitting push notifications to nearby Bluetooth-enabled iPhone or Android phones. With that in mind, be sure to position beacons strategically, above the crowd, concentrating on high foot-traffic areas where more attendees are likely to be within range of the devices. Ensure attendees download the designated event app and you’re on your way to creating seamless event experiences.

Event organizers now a have the new ability to offer incredible attendee experiences while adding a revenue enhancing offering to their menu of sponsorships.  Our system allows smartphones - Bluetooth-enabled iPhones an Android devices -  to detect their proximity to beacons and trigger location-specific actions and content. Any URL can be pushed to the device: event schedules, video, music and websites. Push notifications at trade shows, conferences, conventions, and sales meetings as well as concerts, music festivals, sporting events and community events.  Beacons can drive concession and merchandise sales like never before.  Here are a few more ways to use Beacons at events:

Live on the Green - Nashville, TN - 2016

Live on the Green - Nashville, TN - 2016

Cell Phone Charging Stations and Beacons: A Winning Combination

Add a Beacon to any of our Cell Phone Charging Stations and Kiosks and send push notifications to trade show attendees to visit your booth for cell phone charges. With an average 15 minute charge time, you'll have plenty of face-time to qualify prospective customers and let them view video content (advertisements, show specials) on the kiosk's 20" HD video. Your trade show, supercharged!

Enhanced Event Experience Through Content

Having the ability to prompt special content or offers based on an attendee’s proximity to a beacon carries myriad possibilities for event organizers. Push event programs, schedules, seminar info, videos, music, advertisements, event information, call buttons, and "You Are Here" maps. There are many great opportunities to enhance event experiences, especially when Beacon technology works in consort with other technologies, such as cell phone charging stations.

Sponsorships and Digital Advertising

Event organizers can leverage beacons for additional revenue. For example, when an attendee passes by a certain zone at the event, they receive a notification prompting them to come and check out the closest booth, restaurant, snack bar, seminar, event news, and more. This can be a premium service offered to sponsors and trade show.


Create games to drive traffic, brand awareness, and business engagement for attendees. Conduct scavenger hunts to creating event related tasks and more. Help drive traffic to less visited areas of your event.

Event Navigation

Provide floor maps to help your attendees get around. Display the exact locations of places of interest. Then whenever an attendee passes by a sponsor booth in the exhibit hall or speaker session, they’ll get a notification.

Event/Attend Data

Our system provides event organizers with analytics to measure traffic, sponsorship engagements, conversations. This data can help event organizers to determine the most popular booths, eating areas, sessions or events and what day/time they hit their high or low points. With they will be able to create a better flow for future events.

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Beacons for Healthcare

Beacon technology is among the most effective and efficient solutions that can be deployed in the healthcare space today for a wide variety of location based applications. Current use cases include:

Nearly 400 health care companies have operations in Nashville, TN

Nearly 400 health care companies have operations in Nashville, TN

Promote Location of Cell Phone Charging Stations

When hospital administrators care enough to add Cell Phone Charging Stations and Kiosks to their waiting areas, Beacons can send push notifications to patients and visitors in need of a cell phone charge.


Beacons have the ability to customize health content according to a patient or healthcare provider’s mobile phone history and current health information. Such personalization enables direct one-to-one conversations that are highly relevant and delivered at the right time.

Electronic Health Records and Information

Beacon technology can enable patients and physicians to receive relevant information at the right moment, based on geo-location.

In-door Navigation Systems

Given the growth of massive integrated health care facilities and multi-specialty hospitals, Beacons can greatly help with indoor maps and navigation.

Streamline Hospital Operations

Beacons can help automate internal operations at hospitals. Hospital staff can be notified about their daily duties and other emergency duties on their mobile phones when they they are near specific areas or devices.

Increased Data and Analytics

One of the biggest advantages of Beacon technology is its ability to collect a wealth of data that is contextual to the patient (this includes situations, location, and preferences). This provides data on the customer/patient experience.

Patient and Staff Tracking

With beacons, all staff and patient movement can be tracked including visits to patient rooms, allowing administration of care to be carefully documented.

Facilities Management

Beacons also present the opportunity for better tracking of vital hospital resources. Equipment, such as wheelchairs, can be better tracked and accessed when needed. Beacons simplify the process of accounting for vital tools, ensuring more efficient allocation around an entire facility.

Hospital and Health Information

Visitors can receive valuable information on hospital services, venues, and resources in the moments that matter, when they are physically walking by. For instance, a visitor can be reminded of hospital hours as they enter the medical facility through a streamlined push notification sent to their mobile home screen, receive an alert for parking validation as they head towards exit points, be alerted of daily food specials available in the cafeteria, or a coupon for a discount in the hospital gift shop.

Enhanced Communications and Customer Experience

Beacon allows all visitors to receive highly relevant information depending on their location, all from the convenience of their mobile devices.

Beacons for Hotels

Provide and enhanced guest experience while increasing engagement and loyalty.  There are many uses for Beacons in the hospitality industry: 

Understanding Customer Needs

See which are the busiest moments and places of the day or busiest days of the week, and make sure your staff is well prepared. Understand customer needs and interests and deliver personalized contextual information to them.


Inform Customers Of Special Offers Within The Day

Send customers notifications with your restaurant/coffee shop special offers for different moments of the day: breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Promote Your Partners, Events, Local Attractions, and Activities

Hoteliers can perform as an independent mobile media channel and run Proximity Marketing Campaigns for third-party promotions (e.g. car rentals, tours, events, community, local attractions, restaurants, shops, galleries, brands etc.)

Real Time Location Mapping

Provide the ability to your guests to get real-time maps and location services. Offer self-guided tours of your hotel or resort. Track your employees and important assets.

Reward Loyal Customers

Find who are your most loyal customers and surprise them with a reward, based on the number of their visits. Create a personalized solid long-lasting relationship with your best clients.

Beacons for Restaurants and Bars

Attract and increase customers and revenue through innovative mobile advertising. Target guests seated inside, waiting in the bar, parking their car or to people walking down the street and as they pass in front of your competitor’s restaurants.  Beacons allow you  to attract, engage and interact with your customers, guests and patrons:


Advertise Specials and Promotions

  • Send invitations, special offers, nightly entertainment schedule, coupons and more.

  • Send digital menus and bar list with prices and photos.

  • Promote your ‘Offer of the Day’

  • Proactively provide the menu as soon as they approach your location (without even entering the restaurant or bar)

  • Promote and book in advance for special days such as Friendship Day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and others

  • Promote upcoming music acts and offer a song download

  • Push your videos and music to guest's iPhones, and Android devices

  • Present your latest offers and reviews to customers passing by your store / outlet

  • Drive new traffic through day marketing activities featuring offers for breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner and more


Keep In Touch With Clientele

  • Social Media integration

  • Survey & Feedback soon the customer leaves your premises and also offer Facebook ‘like’

  • Offer loyalty programs to the customers at the point of sale (i.e. when they are in the vicinity to increase the conversion)

  • Get the attention of customers with or without an app.

  • Push your existing website

  • Push Maps

  • Create call buttons for ordering, reservations and callbacks


Beacon Technology pushes notifications to iPhones or Android devices

Beacon Technology pushes notifications to iPhones or Android devices

Complete Beacon System

Our end-to-end platform gives you a powerful and effective new way to engage with your customers through their smartphones - iPhone, Android or installed Mobile Application we develop for you. Delivering personalized mobile content based on a customer’s context you can drive engagement, boost loyalty and increase sales. From one store to thousands, our platform provides a complete system that is designed to meet your customer's needs. From Digital Advertising, Customer engagement and tracking using your existing mobile app or one we develop for you.

Lease or Purchase

Our system and platform can be leased or purchased based on your marketing and business needs, one event or long term.

Beacon Hardware and Configuration

Working together with 3 different iBeacon and Eddystone hardware providers allows us to remain independent. We manage procurement based on partner pricing and the configuration of reach, frequency and locality of the Beacons to meet your objectives, needs, and budget.

Full Back-End Support

We provide the services and staff to manage your beacons and marketing proximity campaigns. This allows you to focus on your business while we manage the logistics of your Beacons to meet your business goals.

Mobile Application Development

We offer complete mobile application development and engineering support for companies wanting a new custom mobile application or to add Beacon functionality to an existing mobile app. We will provide solutions that meet with client’s requirement and improve business’ performance.

On-Site Installation and Engineering

We define and provide technical assistance in your Beacon deployment.. This serves as a basis for our team to configure and deploy the right amount of Beacons on-site. For global projects, we work with a sub-contractor who is in charge of Beacon deployment and maintenance.