Recruiting Tool

Our charging stations can be branded with graphics – school colors, team spirit or graphics of the team. Show your potential students that your school is on the cutting edge of technology and offers unique amenities!


Share Information

The optional video is a great way to announce special events, provide important dates and times, promote your school, special programs and much more. A sponsorship program could be set-up for vendors and suppliers who want to advertise their products and services.

Reduce Stress

Students are attached to mobile devices all day – writing papers in the library, taking notes in class, streaming TV in lounge areas, and staying in touch with friends and classmates online, sharing social media – and yet they are constantly dealing with a lack of power outlets.

Improve Productivity

Most students don’t have time to stop by home and recharge their mobile devices during the day, and are left to deal with the inconvenience of searching for a power outlet and camping out on the floor while waiting for a dead device to recharge.

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