Lasting Impressions

Social media, print advertising, billboards, websites, and emails make it difficult to make a lasting impression on today’s sophisticated consumers. Experiential marketing allows you to create an experience consumers enjoy and remember by establishing brand loyalty and evoking positive sentiment for your brand.


Customers Remember and Appreciate Cell Phone Charging Stations

Experiential marketing doesn’t have to be an elaborate event or campaign – it can be something as simple as offering a free sample, creating a positive experience, or providing a valuable service. You can’t go wrong by providing a service that is simple and always appreciated such as a safe and secure area to charge a cell phones.  

Engage With Customers

Smartphones do a lot of things really well – but their batteries still leave a lot to be desired, and dead battery panic is a very real problem among today’s consumers. What if you could alleviate the stress of a dead cell phone, and use that positive consumer sentiment to boost your brand?

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