Next time you go to a restaurant or bar, just look around and count how many people you on their phone or tablet. Chances are you’ll see more than a few. To the owners and managers of the local bar or the chain restaurant, this can be frustrating since it can distract from the experience of enjoying such an establishment. But, for the savvy manager, this phenomenon can be a great thing for business.  There are a few ways that you can improve your bar or restaurant’s business by investing in portable charging stations as a free amenity or a new revenue stream.

An Add-on Ticket Item

When a customer orders a meal at your restaurant, there are a probably at least a couple of items they can add-on to the meal for a small up-charge. Maybe they want bacon added to that burger or they want a larger size drink. Why not add a phone charging service fee to your menu? It could be as low as a $1 and this strategy could quickly equal profit for your business and your service staff may even see increased tip income as a result of the added hospitality.

Branded charging tables

Branded charging tables

A Courtesy During Extreme Busy Times

In the food and beverage industry, things can get very busy and customers may have to wait some time before they can be seated. If your restaurant or bar’s guests must wait to be seated, then chances are they will pass time by using their phones. By offering a portable power pack on the house, you can help to keep a frustrated or inconvenienced patron calm and occupied while they wait for their table.

An Advertising Tool

Advertising is probably the best reason to invest in portable charging stations. With an unlimited range of custom branding options, you can provide customers with the convenience of charging their mobile device while simultaneously advertising your company and its current promotions.

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