For exhibitors: more booth traffic and face time 

Maximize Return On Investment

No matter how eye-catching your display is, it can be tough to catch and keep people’s attention at a trade show – even expensive giveaways can get lost in the chaos. Once you’ve made an investment in a trade show, it’s important to maximize your ROI.

Increased Foot Traffic


A cell phone charging station is a unique idea that will attract potential clients, keep them around long enough for a conversation, and make a positive and long-lasting first impression.

More Face Time

Trade show charging stations provide both display advertising and experiential marketing providing a safe, efficient battery charge in about 15 minutes. The fastest charge on the market, but plenty of time to spend with potential customers.  Our optional 20" HD screen  showcases your business with video content and media that informs and involves attendees. We even shrink wrap your mobile charging station with custom graphics to match your brand and company colors.

For show organizers and meeting planners: increased sponsorships and revenue

One Charging Station = Multiple Sponsorships

Show organizers, increase revenue with a sponsorship opportunities.  One Cell Phone Charging Station with 20" HD video screen offers over 20 revenue generating sponsorships.  Create one loop of media from all your sponsors and sell intervals of screen time. For example, if you create a 10 minute loop of 30 seconds intervals, you can sell 20 spots to exhibitors and guarantee their message/ad will play 6 times every hour. Or upsell sponsorships on the charging stations to your exhibitors or sponsors in your sponsor deck. That's a value proposition most any trade show exhibitor would jump at!

Additional Revenue Generating Ideas

With Graphics... Offer a custom graphics wrap to the charging stations for an additional sponsorship opportunity.  Exhibitors will pay a premium to have up to 20 square feet of graphics, messaging and branding. 

With Location... Often, a sponsor will pay extra to have the charging station place near their booth providing more attendee traffic in their area and potential face time.

Delight Attendees and Create Show Buzz

Show organizers improve attendee satisfaction and overall show experience for exhibitors and attendees. With cell phone charging station rentals, you’ll be sure to delight conference attendees and offer a lasting impression. Charged cell phones allow more social media interactions...more show buzz!

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