Keep Travelers Connected

Travelers and commuters alike rely on mobile devices to stay connected and in control while traveling. Whether getting a head start on the day by replying to emails, keeping on top of transit delays, or staying in touch with loved ones at home, having a smartphone or tablet is critical. But the average smartphone battery rarely lasts more than 8 hours, and even less if it is being used frequently.

Reduce Travel Stress


Running out of batteries is a top concern for those on the move. Dead phones are a huge stressor because they can lead to missed connections, wasted time, and miscommunication. Traveling is stressful enough as it is - why not set your business apart from the rest by providing a simple solution for the dead-battery stress faced by today’s travelers?

Advertising Revenue

Cell phone charging stations provide not only a great service for your customers, but also an eye-catching advertising opportunity for airports, bus and train stations. The charging stations have a 20” HD screen perfect for displaying your marketing messages. Travelers in your waiting room can become a captive audience for your (or your sponsor’s) advertisements while they recharge their mobile devices. So while your customers will be grateful for the battery boost during the next leg of their journey, you can also create an additional revenue stream by selling advertising space to local businesses or vendors.